Hobbies for Adults

A fab friend Bex recently asked the I Recommend group if anyone had any good ideas for hobbies.

Well shit Bex, way to make me question my life.

What did I do for fun these days?

While I’d love to class ‘drinking’ as a hobby I feel like society may disagree. Then there’s the gym but I’d categorise that under “I have to do it but don’t fucking want to” right below the “getting a pap smear” and “pulling my hair ball out of the shower drain”.

SO with the realisation that I was hobby-less, I was overwhelmed by the amazing suggestions from the creative members of I Recommend. I’ve compiled a list of some of the great suggestions below…

Ps: I’m proud to stay that this May I will be partaking in hobby suggestion #5. Prepare to have your mind blown with the best Xmas presents ever.

1. Jewellery Making
Just Google ‘jewellery course NZ’ and some great options pop up, for example Whau Studios which has a Jewellery Making for beginners from $250 for 5 weeks. Got a complex about being told what to do? Then check out Etsy cause they’ve got a lot of jewellery making kits for fuck-your-instructions-I-do-what-I-want kind of people.

2. Indoor Social Netball
I don’t know how to join a netball team but what I do know is that this shit ain’t social. THEY ARE HARDCORE. I once made the mistake of thinking it was just about having fun…I played for 5 minutes before being asked to come off the court. In terms of joining a club I guess you could just walk around your office bumping into people and yelling “over here” or “PASS BITCH” and the netballers will gravitate to you & hopefully welcome you into their cult.

3. Book Club
We all know that book clubs are just guises for drinking wine and gossiping. Please invite me to yours.

4. Embroidery
There’s a class at Studio One Toi Tū called Bitches Make Stitches that starts 15th May, every Tuesday from 6:30pm and goes for eight weeks. Plus it’s only $110. Once you’re a pro I will totally buy one off you.

5. Pottery
I’m attending a class at Studio One Toi Tū this May, it was $275 for a two day intensive weekend where I’ll get to learn all the basics of making bowls and mugs. I also get a justified excuse to wear adult sized dungarees.

6. Pole Fitness Classes
This is something I am definitely keen to give a go, my only experience to date involves Tequila and nearly getting kicked out of Golden Dawn for an amateur attempt. If you currently do Pole classes then please let me know about it! This looks like a good place to start – Altitude Pole & Fitness.

7. Learning a new language
The last suggestion is one that popped up a few times on Bex’s FB post, from learning Sign Language to Te Reo Māori. What an incredible way to get that brain juice flowing, there are plenty of ways to learning a language, from night-time courses to apps on your phone.

If you’ve got any other cool suggestions for hobbies then let us know below!

See you next week,


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