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VLOG: Crystals + Shakti Mat

Hey gals,

This is a few days late cause I’ve been fluffing around trying out a vlog to go alongside these blogs…and well here’s my first attempt! To say I’m shit scared posting this is an understatement. It’s quite confronting watching yourself talk shit.

Here’s a little more detail about what this vlog is about…

The Shakti Mat has been around for a while now and I find it super helpful for my tight back, plus it’s a nice thing to add into my nightly routine to wind down (along with shots of gin…I’m joking….or am I?). So while I’m a convert (to the mat and gin) the hubby isn’t so much. Every time I’ve suggested he step on it I’ve been met with varying degrees of “fuck off”. SO because I was trying out my first vlog I figured I could force him to give it a go, all in the name of entertainment.

Just to add to that I thought I’d throw in some crystals for some real wacky shit. I LOVE crystals, always have, and I do believe that they have some helpful properties. Totally understand that some people are just like “that’s just a stone…how can it possibly make you feel anything”, but each to their own, I’m happy with my wee rocks and they look pretty – so bonus.

In case you were curious these are the crystals I used in this video:

Black Tourmaline – a powerful grounding stone that can protect you from negativity

Rutilated Quartz – can help to attract wealth and strengthen motivation

Citrine Quartz – this stone emanates positivity and joy

Blue Lace Agate – stone of communication, confidence and articulation

Rose Quartz – stone of the heart, helps with healing, comfort and compassion

Amethyst – helps protect and basically is a kick ass crystal to have for a number of reasons

Clear Quartz – again one you need in your life, helps with energy, clarity and calmness

Some great suggestions came up on the I Recommend facey group as to where to get some sweet stones from too, so I’m gonna do a follow up article shortly trying out some of the different places!

ALSO coming up soon on the blog/vlog we’ll chat through shit like moon cups, Thin Lizzy (don’t scoff till you’ve tried it ), what to watch on Netflix and more!

Sarah x

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