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Beauty Confessions

So, after noticing on the I Recommend FB page how many of us are interested in beauty products, skin care, botox and basically any assistance in knocking at least 7-9 years (or 100 years in my instance) off our actual age, I thought I would pop a few words down in a wee article that I am going to aptly name BEAUTY CONFESSIONS.

When one confesses, it is usually out of sin and in this instance, there is not a better word for what I have been up to while playing around in the beauty closet. Shock horror, I make poor choices on anti aging my dermis on the daily. Here are my top 5 “She didn’t” beauty confessions.

1. Hiii, it me… I may or may not sleep in my makeup ON THE REG. Zero excuse here other than I have more than likely started watching something gripping on Netflix which I have fallen asleep to and let’s be honest, there is no chance of me getting up to cleanse at 1am when the “are you still watching” light rudely disturbs my slumber. The reality is, I definitely notice blackheads appear in my “high makeup zones” aka cheekbones browline and jawline. I am 90% sure it is because I am a lazy B who doesn’t deserve to sniff around the cosmetic zone at Farmers.

2. Super sorry for all those offended by this, but I am extremely slack at hunting out cruelty free products. Not for lack of humanity, but because I am a sucker for habits and when I find something that works, I stick to it. I often feel like I should be cuffed and have the key thrown away when I find out that some of my most used products are actually tested on animals, and NO I am not happy about it. I am just a creature of habit. How good would a “cruelty free” cosmetic section be at supermarkets etc? That would definitely take some of the guesswork and extra package reading out. Mr New World, are you reading this?

3. I am lucky enough to not have acne prone and relatively blemish free skin which in turn does encourage people enquire about my routine (see above, sleeps in makeup). I preach treating skin from the inside out, but in reality, I have way too much sugar in my diet to lean on that. The fact is, skin condition is largely hereditary as well as the cleanliness of your diet. Also, the erm “filled out” condition I have maintained all my adult life, definitely helps skin look more supple than it actually is. Read: chubbiness helps keep some lines at bay, woohoo! Also, the investment I have made into the Nivea body lotion factory almost matches up with me solely keeping the M&M factory afloat. You’re welcome. 

4. Sooo, my eye cream needs to stay on my eyes and so on? Not happening. If I am buying a “localised” serum, you better believe that I am rubbing that into my eyes, lips, neck and most likely ear lobes. Can we please get one miracle product that does all the work morning, noon and night and at any age and is cruelty free and comes with a small apartment? Here I am waving my lazy flag again

5. Wait, my clay mask expired 3 years ago? (Tiny insight into the state of my bathroom cupboards). Surely I am not the only sinner in this area. How often really are we checking the fine print on the back of our products to make sure they haven’t expired? This is a potential big no no in the sense that many of the products we do use have very active ingredients and could start working against us! BASTARDS! A surprising bad habit I endure considering that if any of my food has an expiration that is within a calendar year of it going off, it makes its way to a donation pile, aka bin (I know, I am a horrific human).

So these are my confessions. Just when you thought I said all I could say ….

Usher, signing off.

(Actually, Laura here, not Usher).



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