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Is it Weird to Drink Cocktails in the Middle of Winter?

So last weekend my flat inherited an outdoor table for our back deck and holy moly am I excited to sit back, relax and enjoy some nice cold bevvies in the sun… Yes I know that winter is fast approaching and it seems to rain every 40 minutes or so but that’s not going to stop me…

Sid’s Happy Hour usually only makes an appearance over the summer break but I’m bringing it back in the hopes that it will transport me back to a warmer, happier and simpler time (RIP to my beach hair and summer tan). Here are some of my favourite, fuss free cocktails from the summer months that will hopefully bring a bit of sunshine to the dark and gloomy months ahead.


This cocktail has featured in many instagram posts/boomerangs over the Summer and thanks to the $40 gift packs you can buy from the liquor shop they are SUPER easy to make! The kit comes with a bottle of Aperol and a bottle of Prosseco so all you need to complete the drink is a splash of soda water.


90ml Prosseco

1/2 cup ice-cubes

60ml Aperol aperitif

dash of sofa water

Orange slices to garnish

HOW TO: Usually served in one of those big ass wine glasses. Add ice and pour your liquids on top. Give it a gentle stir and add an orange slice to garnish.

I wasn’t lying about this drink being gram-able – there are over 690,000 #’s


Best served from a big jug or punch bowl and shared with friends – Pimms is an oldie but a goodie and the perfect beverage for those (not so) summery afternoons. Below is the recipe for a big batch but I quite often wing it and just make a glass (or a few glasses) for myself….


500ml Pimm’s

1L of Lemonade

1L of Ginger Ale

Fresh cucumber, Mint and seasonal fruit (sliced)


HOW TO: Mix it all together in a big glass jug or bowl. It looks really fancy and is sure to impress your friends.


Fellow I Recommend gal Amber introduced me to a very tasty (and slightly easier) version of a mojito whilst out in Hamilton town one night. We managed to make these in a hotel room with only cups and spoon. I don’t own any fancy cocktail making equipment so the easier the better I say!


(There are no measurements for this one so some good old fashioned trial and error may be needed)

Sugar syrup (you can buy this or make your own by bringing sugar and water to the boil until the mixture is clear – see google for a full rundown)

Lime wedges

Fresh mint


Lemonade/soda water

White rum or vodka

HOW TO: Muddle (AKA smoosh with a spoon) a spoon of sugar syrup with a few wedges of lime and some fresh mint. Add ice, rum/vodka and then top with lemonade or soda water and give it a stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint sprig if you want to look super flash.

N.B. Not one of Munchkin’s Mojito’s but still flippen tasty.


Did you know that NutriBullets are not only used for nutritious smoothies, but also for making a great alcoholic slushy?? This one is suuuuper simple and suuuuper tasty! It uses the same philosophy as the Munchkin Mojito in which there are no measurements, you kind of just wing it!



Soda water

Lime juice

Cranberry or pineapple juice


HOW TO: Fill your NutriBullet or blender to the MAX line with ice and then pour in a decent amount of Lemoncello. Fill the rest almost to the top with juice and then add a splash of lime juice and soda water. Blend it all up and serve.

Since it’s a public holiday today I’m off to make myself a drink and enjoy some of the last rays of sunshine on my new table. Cheers! Sid xx

P.S. R18, Please enjoy responsibly.

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